Behind The Brand: Red Flower

Behind The Brand: Red Flower

Red Flower invites you to slow down and to be present. Through scented candles, moisturizers, washes,  hair care and facial care Red Flower creates an intrapersonal connection, a wellness ritual and sensory experience.   

To know the story of Red Flower is to know the origin of its founder, Yael Alkalay.

From early experiments with botanical extracts in her childhood kitchen to watching her mother boil flowers and blend essential oils, Yael was fascinated by the art of scent from the very beginning of her life. Her respect for the land and nature comes from her cultural heritage, which spans various centuries and continents. She descends from eight generations of Turkish grand rabbis, Kiev musicians, farmers from the pampas of Argentina, and her grandfather was the first dermatologist in Bulgaria. It is this patchwork of traditions and old-world influences that led to her lifelong passion for natural living and seeking out beauty across the globe.

Yael continued her pursuit of botanical practices in college and expanded her study of the art of perfuming and purifying rituals. But it wasn’t until a life-altering accident during her twenties when she fully grasped her purpose. While skiing on vacation in France, she experienced an intensive stroke that made her realize how fleeting life is and how essential it is to live fully, with appreciation and awareness. After making a full recovery, the spark of red flower was ignited.

Yael founded Red Flower in 1999 and opened a New York city boutique the following year. The line is entwined with her family’s history, from the Ottoman tapestry patterns on the packaging to her dedication to making natural perfume. It is her spiritual and agricultural sensitivity, her cherished customs and her celebration of small moments that make red flower what it is today.


November 10, 2021 by Courtney Hollis
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