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Wild Grace Pitta Serum - Antioxidant and Rejuvenating

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Brand Wild Grace

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Pitta is the Ayurvedic body-type that is typified by red, easily irritated skin. Our Pitta facial products are designed to soothe and decrease redness and inflammation in damaged, inflamed skin and rosacea. 

You don't have to be designated by Ayurveda as a "Pitta" body type to use our Pitta products.

Reduces redness and swelling. Helps with sun-sensitive skin, cools hot, red irritated skin. Calms irritation and itchiness. Gently moisturizes without leaving a greasy feeling. Helps blemish-prone skin.

Skin Type:
Red, damaged, inflamed, sensitive skin.

Anti-aging, brightening, cell-regenerating, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, calming, scar healing, antibacterial and non-comedogenic.

Cleanse skin and pat dry. Apply 3-6 drops of the PITTA serum to fingertips and dab into skin of face and neck, using gentle upward and outward motions. Works best on moist skin; either mist face with toner or hydrosol prior to applying the serum, or apply serum to face immediately after cleansing when skin is still damp.

Organic & Wild Ingredients:
Sunflower, camellia, baobab, jojoba and black cumin carrier oils. Essential oils of sandalwood, palmarosa, spike lavender, rose, roman chamomile, blue chamomile, jasmine, helichrysum & tea tree. 
GMO-free vitamin E.

Superior quality Miron UV Glass Pipette.

Quantity: 15mL | 0.5 oz

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