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Brand Lilly's Bathcarry

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Because sometimes all our skin needs is just to give it a little break.

The most soothing and gentle mask you have ever used. 100% innovative hypo-allergenic cellulose biomaterial of nanometric fibres created during the fermentation, to bring your skin relaxing deep breath.

It soothes and cools down irritations caused by environmental stressors, extensive skincare routine or cosmetic and aesthetic treatments. It also strengthens your natural skin barrier and is perfect to use on top of Anti-pollution Vit C Booster. Soothing Sheet Mask provides you instant cooling effect and immediate relief.

Soothing Sheet Mask Usage: Remove the mask from the packaging, remove protective layer. Apply the mask to the face, remove the outside layer. Optionally, apply Anti-pollution Vit C Booster first. Leave for 20 mins and remove.

Soothing Sheet Mask INCI: aqua/water, cellulose.

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