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Red Flower - Tangerine Fig Butter Creme

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Brand Red Flower

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tangerine fig butter creme

to penetrate deep moisture and illuminate

nourish the skin with penetrating moisture and replenishing effects of shea butter, black olive butter, and fig. so beautifully blended, this butter creme is rich, lush and full, yet airy and highly absorbent. an earthy and bright balance of the therapeutic essentials oils of jasmine, oakmoss, vetiver, and tangerine help soothe, protect and heal chapped skin. cold-pressed shea butter is cold-pressed from the fruit of the magnolia tree, high in iron, protein, vitamin a and e to offer natural uv protection and penetrate moisture deep into the skin. with added oleic, fatty and amino acids from olive and wheat germ oil, the whole body is entirely replenished.

sensory experience: feel the immense pleasure and hedonistic sensation as the generous, creamy texture smoothes over the body. rich cold-pressed shea butter is infused with the powerful essential oils of tangerine rind and jasmine sambac from north africa, along with ripe fig fruit extract. combined they penetrate deep into the skin and protect the body from the sun and wind.

aromatherapy: inspired by the flux of life, where tradition and nature evolve and transform from day to day and season to season, keeping one in tune with the sensuality and warmth of being. soaking up the brilliant mediterranean sun, the deliciously sweet smelling fig fruit and bright tangerine are beautifully blended with the earthy essential oils of oakmoss and vetiver, to create a lasting scent that brings elation.

origin: anointing the skin and hair with fragrant oils is an ancient tradition that still holds significant cultural significance today. a form of purification and symbol of honor, anointing with oil not only healed the body, but established one's social status and was considered a divine practice.

ingredient list, scent notes & process:

apricot oil, ascorbyl palmitate, beeswax, blue tansy flower oil, coconut oil, douglas fir needle oil, gardenia flower oil, glucose oxidase, jasmine flower oil, lactoperoxidase, lantana camara oil, lavender flower water, lecithin, lemon oil, oakmoss absolute, olive fruit oil, orange wax, potassium sorbate, propolis, retinyl, shea butter, sodium hydroxymethylglycinate, sweet almond oil, tocopheryl acetate, vegetable glycerin, vetiver oil, water, wheat germ oil, xanthan gum


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