Red Flower - Palo Santo Intensely-Scented Organic Room Diffuser

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Brand Red Flower

The wood of the saints, palo santo wood is smooth, smoky woodness. The smoke of its wood is full of mysticism and power, believed to safeguard and remove bad energy, promote good fortune and increase vigor.

An argentian heritage and deep knowledge of curative essential oils to bring a scent that is luxurious and therapeutic, balancing the potent smoky wood of palo santo, adding hints of shady, cool eucalyptus, copal bark resin and a touch of mountain sage for a leafy green warmth. In aromatherapeutic tradition, mountain sage instantly lifts the mind and is used to improve memory and concentration. the complete unique blend evokes a woody warmth that is always in motion, melting away every stress with hints of rich resin, smoke, mint and a hint of citrus.

origin: The palo santo wood is sourced from fallen branches and twigs of the bursera graveolens tree. This practice is regulated by the government of peru. Palo santo trees are not cut for wood harvesting.

essential oil blend: palo santo wood, mountain sage, white birch wood, copal bark resin, eucalyptus

aromatherapy: palo santo is peacefulness and clear energy. blended with sage, believed to hold the key to “long life” instantly lifts the mind and is used to reduce mental or emotional fatigue and promotes perseverance. boosts immunity.

simple and clean, red flower's diffusers come encased in recycled glass, with long sweetgrass stems to release a burst of fragrant essence. each scent breathes an ethereal blend of organic wildflowers and spices, filling your space with a welcoming aroma. 

ingredient list, scent notes & process: alcohol certified organic, cardamom oil, castor seed oil, cedar wood oil, eucalyptus whole essential oil, geranium oil, ginger oil, lemon oil, patchouli oil, sandalwood oil

8.5 oz.

packaged in 77% post-consumer recycled paper. printed at a 100% wind-powered plant. made in the u.s.a.

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