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Prima Spremitura - Shampoo 500ml

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Brand Prima Spremitura

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The innovative mixture of non-aggressive tensio active ingredients which are used in the formulation, gently removes the deposited impurities on hair respecting its delicate structure. The presence of Organic Toscano PGI Extra Virgin Olive Oil removes the excess sebum and restores the natural balance after only a few uses giving the hair shine, softness and vitality, developing an effective lenitive action on the scalp.

After the washing, the hair is compact, in good condition and easy to comb. Thanks to the distinctive sebum-balancing action of the formulation, the hair remains clean longer and will regain brightness, shininess, volume and it helps maintain the hairstyle. It can be used for frequent washing's on fragile hair.

The fresh and relaxing mixture of Essential Oils of Vegetable Origin gives a pleasant and long lasting feeling of well-being.

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