Prima Spremitura - Exfoliating Body Sponge With Olive Pits

$ 12.95

Brand Prima Spremitura

An exfoliating body sponge made with olive pits for the beauty of the skin. Thanks to the presence of micronized olive pits, the exfoliating body scrub sponge it’s aimed at opposing the phenomena of skin thickening, atonicity and aging. Used on a regular daily basis on mixed and/or oily skins, it helps to awaken and to preserve the natural brightness of skin. It gives an incredibly soft and regenerated skin.

How To Use: the Body Exfoliating Sponge is used as a normal bath sponge. During the shower moisten and apply the desired amount of shower gel or soap; for an optimal result we recommend the use of Prima Spremitura Shower Gel.

To prolong its duration, carefully rinse the sponge after the use and hang it using its lanyard to enable the perfect drying.

Size: 9,5cm x 14cm x 1 cm

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