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NHCO Botanical Bodycare - The Bath Bomb Rose Geranium

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Brand NHCO Botanical Bodycare

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Unwind with our nurturing coconut milk bath bomb, that promises to silken both your skin and bath water, scented with a proprietary blend of floral essential oils. 

Our bath soak bomb takes you on a premium bath time experience by using 100% natural ingredients that soften both your water and skin.

Simply drop the bath bomb into warm bath water right before you get in, and allow to fizz. Inhale the relaxing aroma of simple floral notes - you'll be able to feel the softness even in your toes!

NHCO has formulated a bath bomb that guarantees you a relaxation and the fizzing excitement without jeopardizing your feminine health.

Vegan + organic skincare made chemical free. Cruelty free. Toxin Free.

Approximately 7.5 ounces


Sodium Bicarbonate, Dehydrated Coconut Milk, Tartaric Acid (derived from grapes), Organic Jojoba Oil, Rose Kaolin Clay, Essential Oils, Organic Apple Cider Vinegar, Distilled Water

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