Maui Soap Company-Cool Wave Hawaiian Soap 3-Pack

$ 22.99

Brand Maui Soap Company

Handcrafted Cool Wave Hawaiian soap made from a special blend of tropical oils; organic coconut, palm, and vegetable glycerin. With this soap you will enjoy a blend of the island’s most popular fragrances. Once solidified the soap is hand-cut and left to cure in the warm Hawaiian air. Then they are inspected, wrapped and presented to you in the spirit of Aloha.

Hang ten on our invigorating, masculine Cool Wave cleanser. It feels fresh and crisp just like a cool wave.

Moisturizing & rich-lathering.
Softens and smoothes skin with organic coconut oil.
No phthalates & 100% Vegetarian.

3 Pack Of 4.7 oz / 133 g Bars

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