Luxo Banho - Oporto Gift Set 3 - 6 oz Bar Soaps

$ 25.00

Brand Luxo Banho

Luxo Banho, "Luxury Bath", is exactly what you will experience with the Oporto Luxo Banho collection. The Oporto Gift Box cultivates the exotic offerings of Port Pear, Lemon Balm, and Sandalwood in these ovals of bathing softness for your skin. 

Port Pear Oval

Imagine morning air sweet from the dawn harvest of ripe, deep-toned pears on their way to market. Unwrap the Oporto Port Pear Bath Oval, take a deep breath and you are there. 

Lemon Balm Oval

Picture the market epicure discovering lemon balm. Tangy leaves from se-breezed fields offer flawless clarity to their herbal aroma. Enjoy the Oporto Lemon Balm Ocal and disvoer its lighthearted purity in your bath.

Sandalwood Oval

Absorb sandalwood's anointing fragrance as it drifts in curious fusion with the merchant's amber-toned flute. Fancy its bohemian richness as it delights each passerby. The Oporto Sandalwood Bath Oval, an opulent treat for the sensual bather. 

3 hand wrapped 6 oz. Portugese style bathing bars, printed on recycled paper, cruelty-free, no animal testing. 

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