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Honey Girl Organics - Facial Toner

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Brand Honey Girl Organics

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Facial Toner – 4.0 fl.oz – 95% Organic – USDA Organic Certified

Honey Girl Organics’ Facial Toner with Propolis, Rose & Neroli, is gentle and refreshing. It hydrates, invigorates and purifies, giving our skin a healthy glow. It’s suitable for all skin types, great on hot days as a face and body spray, as an after shave for men, and to set makeup.

This skin toner hydrates and invigorates your skin while providing gentle antiseptic properties. It helps combat wrinkles and puffiness by stimulating blood flow into the capillaries. Helps reduce thread veins. It softens and clears the complexion and balances sebum production, which benefits both dry and oily skin. It is great for acne prone skin. The Facial Toner is moisturizing and refreshing, giving your skin a healthy glow!

Certified organic all natural ingredients that benefit your skin.
Witch hazel is a natural astringent with antiseptic properties.
Propolis is anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial.
Handmade in small batches in Hawaii.
Non-GMO, Gluten-Free & Cruelty-Free.
No Animal Testing.
Absolutely No: parabens, chemicals, glycerin, fragrance, hormones, silicones, petroleum products, artificial preservatives, fillers, multisyllabic additives, unnatural additives!

Directions For Use:
For best results, use after Honey Girl Organics Facial Cleanser/Makeup Remover and SHAKE before using. It is safe enough to spray directly onto your face with closed eyes or spray onto cotton ball as desired. Smooth gently onto skin and remove excess impurities while leaving skin cleansed and refreshed. Follow with your choice of Honey Girl Organics Serum and Face Creams.

    Ingredients: Purified Water, Organic Witch Hazel Extract, Organic Lemon Oil (Citrus limon), Organic Neroli Oil (Citrus aurantium), Organic Rose Oil, Organic Alcohol (Neutral Cane Spirits), Organic Propolis

    Customer Reviews

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    my skin is so much better now that ive been using hone girl thanks

    I think this used to be in a blue bottle, but still the same great stuff

    i think this used to be in a blue bottle, but still the same great stuff inside. I liked the blue bottle better, it was much priettier to use as a bud vace when i was done with the mist

    Carla D.

    It was recommended that I add this to my routine and I am so happy I did. It's amazing how much better my complexion is. I absolutely recommend this and really all of Honey Girls products

    Donna Peterson

    I use it to set my makeup, for a quick spritz after a workout and most importantly after I wash my face. Great multi use product.

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