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Honey Girl Organics - Body Creme

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Brand Honey Girl Organics

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Take care of your whole body with this ultra luxurious, organic, all natural, deep moisturizing body cream – you won’t regret it!

The Honey Girl Organics Body Cream is deeply penetrating and long lasting. It is truly the best moisturizer for your body, and if used on moist skin (right after a bath or shower) it feels more like a lotion. The scent of the essential oils is uplifting & refreshing! This product is also excellent for use on dry hair and as after-sun care. A great all-over moisturizer. All ingredients are easily assimilated by your skin for increased suppleness and elasticity.

Our unique rejuvenating body cream is luxurious and easy to use, while providing lasting protection. Immediately upon application your skin will feel softer, suppler, smoother and more hydrated.

Certified organic all natural ingredients that benefit your skin.

Honey is an antibiotic, antioxidant, antiviral & humectant. It stimulates collagen helping with cell regeneration and reduction of fine lines and wrinkles.
The royal jelly in the honey contains an amazing blend of proteins, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.
Beeswax is nutrient rich with over 300 micronutrients that help soften and hydrate the skin and creating a protective coating against the elements. It will not clog pores, as it is a porous organic substance. Beeswax contains both propolis and bee pollen known for their incredible health benefits.
Organic olive oil is the most compatible oil to human skin. It contains vitamin A & E.

Handmade in small batches in Hawaii.
Non-GMO, Gluten-Free & Cruelty-Free.
No Animal Testing.
Absolutely No: parabens, chemicals, glycerin, fragrance, hormones, silicones, petroleum products, artificial preservatives, fillers, multisyllabic additives, unnatural additives!

Directions For Use:

Apply to skin throughout the day as desired to provide moisture and nourishment. For deep moisture treatment, apply to damp skin after shower or bath. Can be applied to all external skin surfaces.

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    Good hydration, but...

    Good hydration for my skin, but for the price it should have more of a scent

    Perfect for dry skin

    This is a perfect body butter. So moisturizing I love it!

    Works wonders

    This works wonders on my dry skin. I only need a little, so this has lasted longer than expected. I'm a fan!

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