Bubble Shack Hawaii - Bungalow Glow Super Lavender Coconut Candle

$ 19.99

Brand Bubble Shack Hawaii

Capturing the essence of seaside Hawaiian lavender fields with an overdose of lavender fragrance and essential oil, there is an added hint of Thai lemongrass to give this Hawaiian Super Lavender coconut shell candle an exotic twist.

  • Handmade in Hawaii with 100% US soy wax and tropical oils for a beautiful finish and even burn
  • These natural soy candles are stronger, longer and cleaner burning than paraffin and beeswax candles
  • Made with real coconut shells.
  • Candle measures approximately 2 in. high & 5.5 in. diameter.
  • A Soy & Beeswax blend to bring the authentic and unique scents of Hawaii into your home.
  • These large coconut candles burn approximately 70 plus hours and are scented throughout so that the scent lasts from beginning to end.
  • Includes natural essential oils and gentle, phthalate-free fragrances
    (The benefit: Strong smelling but less likely to trigger allergies)

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