Artisan Greeting Cards "Spices" by French Artist Catherine Hollis (Set of 6)

$ 21.00 $ 11.50

Brand Catherine Hollis

6 pack of Greeting Cards Created by the acclaimed French Artist Catherine Hollis. Reproduction of Hand-Painted Watercolors from the South of France.

  • Spices: Bags of local spices in the marketplace of Auch, France Cards Measure 6" X 6" and are blank inside About The Artist: Catherine HOLLIS The artist was born in the South of France and has been painting in water colors for over 20 years. Currently residing in the village of Maignaut-Tauzia, she finds inspiration for her work in the small villages and countryside of Gascony, France. Her watercolor works of art appear in residences and business from Chicago to London to Paris and beyond. They have also been exhibited extensively in the Southwest of France. Known for her interpretation of landscapes and buildings, she has developed a uniquely understated yet impulsive style. Her attention to detail and curious blending of light and color abstractions has won her numerous accolades in exhibitions and galleries. Catherine's early experiences were mostly self-taught, however she continues to pursue her art locally with private tutoring and classes both expanding and evolving her distinctive style. These lovely greeting cards are reproductions of her work.
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