Now that you know my shower routine...let’s talk about after the shower!

Now that you know my shower routine...let’s talk about after the shower!

On any given day I do switch around how I moisturize my body after the shower. Body Oil, Body Crème, Body Lotion those are the important questions I ask myself (wouldn’t it be great if that was the hardest choice in our lives).

Today I chose to lotion up! It’s summer and I just shaved my legs, so I need an extra punch of moisture and I chose to go with Get Fresh’s Starfruit Rich Body Crème. The invigorating scent makes me feel like I'm on vacation and my skin soaks up the goodness.

Now a few sprits of erbaviva’s jasmine grapefruit deodorant…Pits done!

It’s Face Time. I use toner to restore PH and I love Honey Girl Organics Toner. I prefer to spray a little on a cotton pad and wipe my face rather than directly apply on my face (remember to always shake your bottle to mix all the organic ingredients first).  Now I’m ready for moisturizer. I use Honey Girl Organics face & eye creme (a little goes a long way). I like to pretend I’m getting ready to play football so I smudge a line on each cheek and then dab a dot on my forehead, smile at myself in the mirror for looking like a goober and then rub it in, circular motion to stimulate collagen renewal. Time for SPF, for daily face and neck I prefer Kari Gran's Three Sixty Five SPF 28 one to two pumps and rub it in, it's perfect for under your makeup. 

Makeup Time.  It's summer so full makeup can wait till fall.  For a light & super easy summer makeup routine I trust Vapour Organic Beauty.  Always start by warming the sticks on the back of your hand then apply directly to your face and rub in.  Stratus Luminous Skin Perfecting Primer (my shade is 903) is really all I need for daytime, it evens my skin tone and gives me a healthy glow.  Then I give a quick swipe onto my eyelids with the Mesmerize Eye Color (today's choice Sugar) and highlight the corners of my eye & brow bone with the Trick Stick in Luster. Lastly, a touch of Kari Gran Tinted Lip Whip Peppermint to make my lips super soft with a little shine. 

You may think that this routine takes a super long time, but you'd be wrong.  From towel off time to puckering up with my lip whip, I average about 15 min. It doesn't have to take long to take care of your skin and look your best! 

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