Let’s Talk Shower Routine!

Let’s Talk Shower Routine!

I get asked a lot what my beauty regime is and it’s really hard to answer. I am a product junkie and like to try everything we sell so my routine changes quite often. However, that being said I’ll break down my current routines… Today let’s talk about shower time.

I love a HOT shower with all the steam, probably because of my allergies. So once the bathroom is nice and steamy, I head into the shower. My first step is to sprinkle a little of erbaviva’s sniffles bath essence into the tub. It opens up my sinuses for the day and is so soothing. Those who know me; know I’m not a morning person so, I sit there letting the steam and bath essence go to work as my mind catches up with my body being awake.

I like to shampoo & condition first and this week I’m using Island Soap & Candle Works Awapuhi Nourishing Shampoo & Moisturizing Conditioner. My hair has been looking a little lack luster lately, so these will add moisture & shine to my dull locks.

Now it’s time for lather Bubble Shack Hawaii’s All In 1 Kukui & Shea Wash is my go to. Today’s scent choice was the Coconut Volcano. In the winter I love tropical scents because I can imagine I’m on a nice warm beach. These body washes really lather up nice and I feel so clean after.

Day depending…to exfoliate or not, today was an exfoliation day. So I grab myself a nice heaping spoonful of A Girl’s Gotta Spa! Energizing Citrus Salt Scrub. The citrus scent really stimulates my senses while I work in a circular motion scrubbing away. Rinse and my skin feels super soft and I’m finally energized to get the day going.

Face time! I’m currently washing my face with our newest brand addition Aleavia Purifying Facial Cleanse. A little goes a long way so just a about a dime size in my hand and as always with a circular motion I massage it into my face, neck and behind my ears (Why ears? My skin can get flaky behind my ears, so I always take special care in that delicate area). Splash off the facial cleanse and it’s time to towel off and begin my after shower routine.

Wow you might say, you must take a LONG shower, but not really my average shower time is 15-20 min. Trust me, a lot of pampering can be done in a short time!

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