Behind The Brand: Plenitude

Behind The Brand: Plenitude

Plénitude’s inspiration is deeply rooted in ideologies of Caribbean herbalism and traditional folk medicine. From a young age, Martine's grandmother exposed her to the beauty and healing powers of plants.  Martine is very grateful that her grandmother took the time to include her in her own botanical rituals. Her grandmother cultivated medicinal herbs and many of the most exquisite, exotic plants that the Caribbean is known for. It is because of her, that Martine is well acquainted with the local flora. 

Martine's exposure to aromatherapy while pursuing a nursing degree motivated her to formally study botanically based formulation at the world-renowned organic cosmetic science school, Formula Botanica. She enthusiastically began experimenting with plants that she had come to know because of her grandmother, hoping to eventually be able to show their medicinal powers.

The result is Plénitude Skincare; created to embrace women and elevate their confidence. They developed skincare products using exotic flowers, herbs and oils, that are indigenous to the Caribbean, the Amazon, and parts of Africa.

Plénitude is dedicated to solving problematic skin conditions that can prohibit women from living vibrantly. They believe beauty is natural. Their products are very effective, yet gentle, and will rejuvenate your skin and restore it to excellent condition; without using a single drop of toxic chemicals.

Their raw ingredients are carefully chosen for safety; they are mild and non-irritating. They harmonize traditional herbs and plants with a modern indulgent ritual to achieve a perfectly balanced formula that will nourish, comfort and heal your skin.


February 26, 2021 by Courtney Hollis
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