Behind The Brand: NHCO Botanical Bodycare

Behind The Brand: NHCO Botanical Bodycare

Did you know NHCO Botanical Bodycare started as a side hustle? When the economy tanked and no one was hiring, Nicole sought out soap making on the internet as a way to let her creative juices flow and make some extra money.

A diagnosis of PCOS changed the way Nicole saw her products and other products on the market.  

With PCOS, a woman's hormones are out of whack, and it's detrimental to eat foods that encourage further pandemonium. This is why women with PCOS tend to eliminate processed foods from their diets, avoid dairy (more hormones!), and choose pesticide-free foods (organic). These things can affect anyone, but is magnified exponentially when you have a syndrome like PCOS.

So why continue creating products that are silent enemies to our health? 

Things we put on our skin have the potential to work their way into our systems (that's why topical medicines exist), and she had to change that. Synthetic ingredients aren't always guaranteed to affect our bodies, but what if they do?

So, they were all eliminated from  NHCO Botanical Bodycare  products. Nicole set out to create a pure line of skincare products that:

  1. Promote the power of botanicals using 8 ingredients or less
  2. Nourishes the skin without creating or worsening conditions
  3. Doesn't contain estrogen mimicking, or endocrine and hormone-disrupting chemicals
  4. Doesn't have a long list of complex ingredients listed on the back
  5. Everyone can use

Skincare products shouldn't be silent enemies, and NHCO is making sure of that. These products aren't only for women with PCOS, they're for everyone. 


March 15, 2019 by Courtney Hollis
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