Behind The Brand: Jacq's

Behind The Brand: Jacq's

Barbara Jacques, the AMAZING #Bosslady Behind Jacq's believes in following natures lead.  Jacq's is truly passionate about creating products for people of all ages and skin types.  They formulate their products to help you embrace your beauty as it exists right now and evolve with you.  

Jacq's became a valued partner with us in 2018 and it's been so exciting to watch them grow.  They've turned their focus to tropical ingredients that are sourced locally in South Florida.  The fruits, roots and flowers infused in their products deliver the purest healing ingredients of uncompromising quality. 

Their new stunning pink packaging 100% evokes their belief to live life "following nature's lead: live out loud, colorfully, brilliantly...unapologetically."

All their products are formulated without parabens, sulfates, phthalates, synthetics, dyes or fragrances and are vegan.

Their are made by hand, in small batches with organic and natural ingredients. They are certified cruelty-free, PETA approved and proud of it. 





September 18, 2021 by Courtney Hollis
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